Oboe Lecturer: Western University, London Ontario
Detroit Symphony Orchestra Oboist: 1985-2014

I have designed … more oboe stuff  primarily as an online resource for my students.  I’ll address many topics ranging from musicianship, reed making, working with gouging machines, oboe repair and adjustments, to audition preparation and more.

During my almost three decades as a member of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s oboe section, I was fortunate to work alongside, and learn from, top orchestral musicians, international soloists and preeminent conductors.  In my formative years, I received instruction and guidance from some of the very best oboe teachers.  I am truly thankful  to John Mack (Cleveland Orchestra 1965-2001), Richard Killmer (Eastman School of Music), Jonathan Dlouhy (Atlanta Symphony 1979-2006), and Perry Bauman (Toronto Symphony 1940-71) for providing a great learning environment and encouraging me at every turn.  I now find myself in the position of Oboe Lecturer at Western University in London Ontario, hoping that I can assist and motivate my oboe students the way I was inspired by my teachers and colleagues.

…more oboe stuff is a work in progress and I expect that regular posts will continue for awhile.  I hope you find them beneficial.