Detailed OI Program


Session 1 – July 23, 24 & 25  Oboe Fundamentals

Masterclasses: Oboe fundamentals using Barret, Salviani and Vade Mecum Studies

12 participants will each perform a pre-assigned study in four hours of masterclasses.  Oboe techniques, embouchure, tone, pitch, articulation, vibrato and phrasing will be addressed.  Methods of practicing and performing will also be discussed.

Tutorials: Basic Oboe Adjustments and Maintenance (two classes in 2019)

Performers and auditors will learn to assess if their oboe is leaking, learn to remove keys, clean octave vents and, tone holes, oil rods and reassemble their oboes.  And, a fool-proof method of adjusting the oboe will be taught.  All participants will need their oboe, a screwdriver and cigarette paper.  Other required tools will be provided.

Tutorials: The Art of Knife Sharpening (two classes plus individual lessons in 2019)

The ultra-sharp edge of a reed knife is crucial to successful reed making and yet most oboists find it difficult to reliably keep their knife sharp. Understanding the metal of knives and the theory behind various methods for keeping them sharp will be discussed. A second hands-on session will concentrate on the practical side of knife sharpening.  Throughout OI, Joris Van Daele will be available for individual knife-sharpening lessons.

Lecture: Characteristics of Good Reeds

Reeds that can be said to be “good” all have similar characteristics in terms of pitch, response, flexibility, and tone. This lecture defines these elements and outlines a series of reed “tests” and some tools that can help keep your reed making on track.

Tutorials: Hands-on Reed Making from Cane Preparation to Playable Reed (three sessions in 2019)

Session 1: Proper cane selection and preparation contributes to the success rate in making good reeds. This tutorial is a hands-on session for both performers and auditors that will provide a step-by-step approach from tube cane selection through the gouging process.  Tube cane and Ross, James and Graf gouging machines will be provided.

Session 2: There is much to consider when shaping a piece of cane and tying it on a staple (tube). These reed making fundamentals will be the focus of this session and will include a discussion of shaper tips, staples and the critical elements to observe when tying on a reed.  Participants will need their reed making equipment including thread and staples. A few shaper tips will be available for use.

Session 3: This tutorial explores a method of making reeds which will help produce consistent reeds.  Participants and auditors will need an unopened “blank” reed, sharp knife, plaque, ruler and a reed thickness gauge (if owned. ) There will be a supply of reed making tools on hand for those who don’t own theirs.

Chamber Music (more coaching sessions in 2019)

All participants will be assigned to a chamber music group.  Several coaching sessions will emphasize the do’s and don’ts of ensemble playing and each group will have a chance to perform their piece on the final concert. Music will be provided for practice in advance of OI.

Recitals:  Mini, Solo, Chamber Music and Massed Performances

The Oboe Intensive will begin with a mini-recital featuring OI’s instructors. 12 Performers will then have the opportunity to rehearse with Ian Franklin and perform on a solo recital on Day 2.  Finally, Day 3 will end with a chamber music and massed performance for all participants followed by a post-concert party.

Session 2 –  July 26 

Two classes will be offered in 2019!

1) Performance / Audition Preparation

Lecture: Day 4 will begin with lecture outlining in detail the three elements involved in preparing for a successful audition or performance; getting organized, systematic practice and how to practice to perform.

Excerpt Review: 6-8 participants each perform 1-2 standard oboe orchestral excerpts in 3.5 hours of masterclasses.  Each excerpt will be explored in detail from the viewpoint an of audition panel and what they are listening for.  These sessions will be relevant to anyone preparing for a performance.

Mock Audition: Performers will play two rounds of a mock audition keeping in mind the elements they learned in the “excerpt” review. The winner of the audition will receive two future audition preparation sessions with Shelley Heron.

2 ) “Concert-Stories”  Workshop – Designing and Performing

Special guest Joey Salvalaggio, Principal Oboe – Memphis Symphony Orchestra, will lead participants in a day long, do-it-yourself, step-by-step approach to program construction and performance.  You will learn to design your own small ensemble program tapping into your creativity, organizational skills and passion for education through the arts.