Oboe Intensive at Western University 2020


Registration deadline – July 12, 2020

More than 40 hours of masterclasses, tutorials, reed making & recitals to choose from, designed to improve your oboe performance skills!

Session 1  –   July 21, 22 & 23

Oboe Fundamentals

  Performers $250 (plus HST) / Auditors $200 (plus HST)

Oboe Fundamentals includes:

  • Masterclasses highlighting technique, embouchure, tone, pitch, articulation, vibrato and phrasing
  • Hands-on reed making and cane preparation
  • Daily reed checks for participants **
  • And NEW in 2020, a host of optional classes to choose from – to be announced soon!
  • Chamber Music
  • Two recitals
  • Massed performance
  • Lunch

Please register as a performer or an auditor, but not both.

**Performer spots are limited to 12 and are chosen on a first come basis.  Oboists of all skill levels and ages are welcome. In addition to attending all classes, performers will be assigned a study to play in a masterclass and will have the option of performing in a solo recital.  Daily reeds checks will be offered.

Auditors are invited to attend all classes/recitals, take part in reed making/cane preparation tutorials, instrument adjustment and maintenance classes, chamber music and play in the massed performance.  Auditors will not perform in masterclasses/recital or have daily reed checks. Auditor spots are limited to 18.

Lunch is provided for performers and auditors.

Session 2 – July 24 

 Two classes to choose from in 2020! 9!

1) Performance / Audition Preparation

Performers $75 (plus HST) / Auditors $50 (plus HST)

Performance / Audition Preparation includes:

  • Preparation techniques for successful performances including managing performance anxiety
  • Reed checks for performers**
  • Excerpt review
  • Mock audition
  • Lunch

Please register as a performer or an auditor, but not both.

**Performers spots are limited to 8 and participants should have advanced skills.  University students and young professionals are encouraged to apply.  Performers will be assigned 1 or 2 orchestral excerpts to prepare in advance and they must agree to take part in the mock audition exercise.  Reed checks will be available to performers only.

Auditors are invited to attend all classes/lectures and the mock audition.  Auditors will not perform or have reed checks.  Lunch is provided for both auditors and performers.

2 ) “Concert-Stories”  Workshop – Designing and Performing

Special Guest: Joey Salvalaggio, Principal Oboe – Memphis Symphony Orchestra

Participant $75  (plus HST)

And, for those of you who wish to put your imagination to work, OI has scheduled a special day with Joey Salvalaggio. Joey brings more than 20 years of experience as an oboist and educator designing and performing “concert-stories” that combine live classical music and storytelling.

In this do-it-yourself, step-by-step approach to program construction and performance, you learn to design your own small ensemble program tapping into your creativity, organizational skills and passion for education through the arts.

Learning Goals:

  • Program and concept design
  • Create educational connections with your creative content
  • And, develop new techniques to engage young audiences while teaching and performing.

This workshop is ideal for students and professionals alike and teaches you to build an authentic program that is gratifying for both performers and young audiences.  Your authenticity and creativity will be your best asset in this work.

For Day 4 – Please register for Class 1 or Class 2, but not both!

TO REGISTER.  You will be forwarded to information and registration pages at Western University to complete a short questionnaire and pay your tuition fee(s).

NOTE: All fees include a $25.00 non-refundable registration fee.

Detailed information about the Oboe Intensive program can be found here.

More information about Joey’s Concert-Stories can be found at his Babu Press FaceBook page.

Instructors: Shelley Heron, Joseph Salvalagio, Faith Scholfield, Ian Franklin, and Joris van Daele

Location: All Oboe Intensive activities will take place in the Music Building of the  Don Wright Faculty of Music, Western University, London  ON.

Food: Lunch will be provided for performers, participants, and auditors.  Dinner is the responsibility of the attendees. Restaurants: Barakat (Middle Eastern), Pizza Hut and Subway are located at the intersection of Sarnia Rd. and Western Rd., a 9 min (800 m) walk from the Music Building and a 2 min walk from Ontario Hall residence.  Additional restaurants can be found at the intersections of Fanshawe Park Rd. and Richmond St. (Masonville Mall) and Oxford and Wonderland, 7-10-minute drives (3.3-4 km) from the Music Building.

Parking: For 2020, parking costs are the responsibility of participants.

Participants may park in Talbot Lot, across the street from the Music Building, for a maximum daily rate of $18, or they can park in the lots on the perimeter of campus for a maximum daily rate of $12.  Western’s parking lots and their costs can be found here.

Note: In 2018, Ontario Hall’s guest room fee included free parking.  Please double-check this when booking accommodation for 2019.

Off-campus parking is also available.

WiFi: Guest wifi is available but you are required to register for it.

Accommodation:  Ontario Hall, a Western University residence, has accommodations for summer guests and is a 12-15 minute walk from the Don Wright Faculty of Music.  (Tip: Friends can share a room and split the cost.  Parking was included in the room fee in 2018 – please confirm when booking accommodation in 2019.)

Reasonably priced private rooms near the university are also available on Air BnB.

If you would like more information or have questions please contact Shelley Heron